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The Killer Is Me by Alice In Chains
(5 versions)

From: Erickson Foster (efoster@mi203.apg.army.mil)

Intro/main riff (4/4)


"Ohhhh, yeah. . ."        ". . .can I start over"    "and get over it"

Eb---3----                         ---2---                    ---x---
Bb---3----                         ---2---                    ---x---
Gb---0----                         ---3---                    ---3---
Db---0----                         ---4---                    ---3---
Ab---x----                         ---4---                    ---3---
Eb---3----                         ---2---                    ---1---


From: Mitchell and Lucent Wilson (TVJH95E@prodigy.com)

I think I got something else for Killer Is Me intro. Ya know how Mike
has one guitar and Jerry has the other, right? Well we figured out the
other part. I don't know exactly how to write it out, but here it is.

It's tuned down a half step, of course.


That 12 in the parentheses is a harmonic.


From: SJMAR4 (SJMAR4@student.monash.edu.au)

I think this a more accurate version of the intro to killer is me.
Only two chords are strummed by Jerry on the video.

Tune down 1/2 step

 0-- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0-0-0-0-0
 0-- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0-0-0-0-0
 0-- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0-6-6-6-6

Give it a shot, it sounds right to me.


From: Eric (Rea), reag@wave.co.nz
An improvement on the other one floating around the net that says
the chorus is E to F#. Ah well. -Eric

Ok, first of all you'll need to tune your guitar down a half step:
Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb. All the chords etc are relative to tuning.

     A     F dischord (I'm not sure about the name of this)

Those are the only two chords in the verse:
       A             F dis
Don't need a gun,
  A            F dis
Pointed at me,
  A            F dis
No need to run
  A            F dis
The Killer is me....

The chorus is 2 chords, G to F#. Jerry uses sustained 4th notes for variation
   G               F#
Yeah, I'll start over,
   G               F#
Yeah, I can start over,
And get over it.......

This is a great, simple song. Another excellent example of Jerry's skill.
The song finishes on an Fmaj7.

Comments, Suggestions, Gripes to heavenwithin@hotmail.com or reag@wave.co.nz


From: bOaZ (zarad@techunix.technion.ac.il)

Here's my version of the tab, I think it's more correct.

tuned 1/2 step down
chord formations (chord names are as in normal tuning!)

       A     Fadd9     E      F#     F#7sus4 (add Bb)    Fmaj7 (add B)


intro:		A\\\	Fadd9\\\\\\\  (repeated)

*note that Fadd9 is strummed downwards, then upwards and so on, to
receive that cacophonic outa-tune sound.

Chord progression for verse is same as intro. Listen to the CD to
play along with the rhythm. It's basically:

       A	  Fadd9
Don't need a gun
   A		Fadd9	---->and so on
Pointed at me

Chord progression for chorus is as follows:

E                   F#\F#7sus4 ----->listen to the CD to catch on
Oh yeah can I start over             to when the switches are made
E                   F#\F#7sus4
Oh yeah can I start over
And get over it

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