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Blow Out ? Radiohead

This is the best track on Radiohead?s first album ?Pablo Honey? and is my second favourite Radiohead song,
my first being ?Paranoid Android?.

Verse and Chorus

        Em7         G             Em7                          A                           A


(Loud distorted bit)

       A                          C


I think that a second guitarist plays a harmonic on the high E of the 7th fret for the opening,
which is played over the chords from the verse. This may not be accurate as I?m doing it from memory,
if there is any problems/corrections please Email me on salonkitty@bushinternet.com.


Verse One
In my mind and nailed into my heals
All the time, killing what I feel

And everything I touch
(All wrapped up in cotton wool)
Turns to stone
(All wrapped up in sugarcoated pills)

Verse Two
I am fused, just in case I blow out
I am glued, just in case I crack out.

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