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D o n ' t    F o r g e t   M e

	 R e d   H o t   C h i l i   P e p p e r s

                    on album By The Way

     Am              F
1.	I'm an ocean  in your bedroom

      C                     G
	Make you feel warm, make you wanna re-assume

     Am        F       C       G
	Now we know it all for sure.

2.	I'm a dancehall, dirty breakbeat
	make the snow fall up from underneath your feet.
	Not alone, I'll be there, tell me when you wanna go!

	[One instrumental verse here..]

3.	I'm a meth lab, first rehab
	Take it all off and step inside the running cab
	There's a love that knows the way

4.	I'm the rainbow in your jail cell
	All the memories of everything you've ever smelled.
	Not alone, I'll be there, tell me when you wanna go!

CHORUS	Sideways falling, more will be revealed my friend
	Don't forget me, I can't hide it
	Come again get reignited.

	[One instrumental verse here too..]

5.	I'm an inbred and a pothead
	Two legs that you spread inside a tool shed
	Now we know it all for sure.

6.	I could show you to the free field
	Overcome and more will always be revealed
	Not alone, I'll be there, tell me when you wanna go!


7.	I'm the bloodstain on your shirtsleeve
	Coming down and more are coming to believe.
	Now we know it all for sure.

8.	Make the hair stand up on your arm
	Teach you how to dance inside the funny farm
	Not alone, I'll be there, tell me when you wanna go.

This song is really a piece of cake, about  of all songs are made with this Am F C G 
progression. It's quite similiar to the "Otherside" on their previous album .

This song waws transcribed by Juho Routakorpi (r o u t s i k k a @ s u r f e u . f i). 
If there's mistakes or anything, please email them 
to me! Or you could mail me anyway, I'd like to get to know RHCP fans 
around the world... Anyway, you can freely distribute this tab to all 
your guitar playing friends!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dont Forget Me - indeksirano na Ultimate-Guitar.com.
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